• own a enterprise email marketing system

    with a small company budget

MOBSENDER is a full featured, high performance, scalable, automated Email Marketing Platform designed to meet individual companies needs for sending high volume emails within a limited period.

Connect to Your Customer with Email.

User friendly interface, full featured platform, let marketers craft unique content for target marketing.  MOBSENDER are created and designed for making automated email marketing simple, easy and effective.  Marketers no longer have to worry about missing an opportunity or having extra workload.

Simplify your Email and Marketing Automation.

All simple and user friendly editing tools, ready-to-use templates, huge library of image and animation gallery, etc. are specifically designed for marketers to create beautiful, unique and personalized email marketing campaigns to capture your subscribers’ attention instantly.

Deliver Smart and Predictive Content

Integrated Predictive Intelligence based on open rates, click-through rates, subscribers’ preferences and behaviors, our automated email platform will send out follow-up emails, pre-defined relevant products information and suggestions, sales and promotional materials, without creating extra work for marketers while taking care of your subscribers’ preferences and privacy at the same time.

Manage Your Subscriber Lists

MOBSENDER allows you to maintain a complete overview and control of your subscribers list building, from capturing email addresses of interested website visitors to importing them from Excel or CSV files or automating the whole process.

Track and Optimize Email Campaign

Marketers can monitor bounces, open rates and click-through rates realtime.  Marketers will also receive regular updates and detailed reports for each mailing sent, up-to-date statistics at all time.

Own or Hosted Made Easy

Our high performance and scalable automated email platform can be hosted or kept in house.  No matter you are a budget concerned small sized or startup company or a large multinational enterprise with massive needs, you can all find your own automated email marketing solution from MOBSENDER.

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